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Will This Be Your Best Year Ever?

Summer has flown by and now it's time to get back to real life! First item of business- Congratulations!! If you are reading this you have survived a summer season, you've done the back to school thing & you are around to tell the tale. Wow! That's incredible.  (If you are a teacher- THANK YOU!- Not only did you do all that, you are now caring for our children for the next 10 months!)

Rosh Hashana & the start of the school year are BIG times. There is so much fresh & new, filled with opportunity for improvement. Sometimes though, we are so busy being busy, we don't have the mind to pause. So, here's me, jumping into your inbox to remind you- As parents, we are doing IMPORTANT things. We are raising the next generation of leaders! And, when you are doing BIG STUFF, you have to be able to sift through the unimportant and let it go!

Here's a list I made of the things I will not waste time on this year: 1- Nagging my kids to write more neatly when doing homework. 2- Arguing if the clothing my child will wear outside matches.  3-  Insisting my kids eat veggies after school. 4- Trying to have my kitchen look perfect for unexpected visitors.

You see, it's so easy to get stuck in the little things and forget the big picture. My goal is: TO RAISE EMOTIONALLY HEALTHY, KIND, LOVING ADULTS. Neatly written homework accompanied by broccoli & asparagus will not get me there. Stories before bedtime, watching them ride their bikes and listening to them tell me about their day will.

So what will you commit to NOT DOING this year? What will you let go of in your life to make room for the really important stuff?

I want to hear all about it!!

Don't for get to make TODAY HAPPY!


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