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What to feed your guests

Lag Ba'omer is almost here & we are going to back to party season! If you are making a Bat Mitzvah this season or you want to host a get together in your yard food is going to be important. Food can be part of the fun in any party. Here are a few trending food ideas that make eating part of the fun! Each one can be a DIY with simple food machines available on Amazon or done by professionals when you are making a simcha.

Fun Foods for You!

  1. Outdoor pizza makers- buy one to own for chilled, fun outdoor food making or hire a professional company if you are having a Bat Mitzvah. Fresh pizza on the spot with a choice of toppings is fun food.

  2. Chocolate fountains provide hours of dipping fun. You can dip fruit, cake, candy or be original, at a Bat Mitzvah I recently did they had Bissli for dipping!

  3. Boards... get one at Dollar Tree or order on Amazon. And then fill it. Here are some of the best boards I've sampled: cheese boards, french fry boards (loads of different flavored fries), veggie or fruit boards, snack boards, meat boards (duh!), pickle boards... Of course, every board gets sauces to go on it & then, happy munching!

  4. Smoothies. Get that blender going & the possibilities are endless. You can do fruit smoothies, veggie ones (if you like healthy:), ice cream & peanut butter are yummmm.... Get the idea?

Hosting a party should be exciting & with easy, fun food ideas it can be. Ask your caterer about the options for a Bat Mitzvah or get started planning for a celebration at your home! (And be sure to invite me to sample the goodies;) Shine bright! Spread kindness!



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