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The school shuffled the classes (again) and my daughter just hasn't found her place.

We moved and making new friends has been so hard.

My daughter has such an amazing, take charge personality... but she struggles to find a way to balance that in friendships.

Bullying has been such an issue in my daughter's class. How do I help her?

I wish I knew how to teach my daughter to better read social cues.



If you thought childhood friendships were easy... pause. Like every human relationship, they are so complex.


 Watching a child struggle socially is so painful!


We know, you want to give your daughter the best tools possible. It's just so hard to know what to say & how to help her.


At #Sarasquad we believe every girl should have a chance to develop these tools! Every single girl should know how to choose great friendships & be a great friend.

That's why we created Friendship Fundamentals. It teaches girls all the skills they need to have amazing friendships & gives them the confidence to get out there & make the friends they deserve.

And, we want this program to be available to every single girl who needs it. That's why we have priced this program so affordably!

The cost for this life transforming program & all the goodies is just $179!

Your enrollment includes:
* 6 interactive, small group zoom weekly classes (45 minutes each) 
*A stunning Friendship Fundamentals Workbook PDF that you can print & use over & over
*6 printable challenge cards 
*A #Sarasquad Friendship Fundamentals merch pack filled with "stuff" that your daughter will love & use for the challenges

You want your daughter to believe in herself.
You want her to be able to navigate social situations.
You want her to be able to approach potential friends with poise and confidence.
Here's the chance to gift this all to her!

Friendship Fundamentals with #Sarasquad will teach this all!

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