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Yom Kippur Survival Kit

My mind is already deep into planning Yom Kippur and Sukkos entertainment for the family. Planning in advance is my #1 method for successful Yamim Tovim. Here's what I've got for this year! Board games are always a great idea, but I find that kids get bored of using their own games. I usually purchase 1 or 2 new games for Yom Kippur and Sukkos each year. Another great way to get "new" games is to trade with a friend. Offer to swap 2 awesome games you know they will love in exchange for 2 games they think your kids will love. Here are a few games I am loving now!

1. Long Cow- I discovered it last year. It's awesome, but takes a few rounds to really learn it. Full disclosure, I had to watch a YouTube video to figure out how to play (no jokes!) But since we started this game in my house WE ARE HOOKED. And, I use it in Shul groups too and we are all seriously obsessed with it!! 2.Tenzi-This game is a hit with everyone- even teenage boys! I got to meet the game creators at the camp expo and they demoed a few ways to play, which were great. I also ordered the deck of 77 ways to play so that anyone has ideas of what to do for each round.  3. Amigo, No Thanks- Yup! that's the name of a game:) and it's good! It's a game of strategy that goes quickly enough and is fun and engaging. Another all time favorite!  4. Rat-a-Tat-Cat- is so perfect for younger kids. It's simple to play and my little guy feels so cool to be able to play "adult games." And, I love that games end quickly so you don't feel guilty stopping in middle:)  5. Bubble Talk- it's like Apples to Apples in reverse with picture cards. I know! That was confusing. Trust me on this, it's easy to play and good for lots of family bonding. Try it! You'll be sitting in the Sukkah late into the night laughing and having fun. (Note- I did pull some cards from the deck that I didn't feel were appropriate.)

I hope this list is helpful!! Happy game time! I hope you win... or your kids do and then everyone is HAPPY!

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