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Want To Do Tu Beshvat This Year With Me?

When Chanukah is over and I start seeing Tu Bshvat fruits at the front of the grocery store  I always have BIG plans. I just know in my heart this is the year!! It’s FINALLY the year I am going to do Tu Bshvat right!! I’m so sure. I’m going to buy great new fruit. Try a fruit recipe. Have a serious Tu Bshvat celebration. After all, I want my kids to feel the joy of Tu Bshvat. And then... to my dismay I wake and suddenly see the hamantashen. Yea. I missed it again. Year after year this plays out. Do you feel me??? This year I changed it all up. Instead of going BIG I’m going SIMPLE. It’s real. It’s doable. And it’s oh so CUTE!!! I’ve made adorable Tu Bshvat mats! I’m covering it with Saran Wrap, giving my kids fruit and... it’s a legit Tu Bshvat party!! And, cuz we are friends, I’m sharing it with you.

HERE IS WHAT YOU DO: 1- Print out the PDF's (one instruction sheet and one picture sheet per child) 2- Buy fruit (give the instruction sheet a glance) and Saran Wrap 3- On Tu Bshvat prep the fruit in cut pieces. Lay out the picture sheets with the instructions beside them. Cover the picture sheet with saran wrap and let those kiddos begin making fruit masterpieces. 4-Dont forget to snap pics and share....and then of course enjoy the delicious fruit snack!

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Kid Sisters!
Kid Sisters!
12 jun 2020

Go Morah Sara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yechiel Morris
Yechiel Morris
18 jul 2021
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