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Growing Up As Me

Here's a #funfact- Every day in my planner I write 3 statements about myself that I use as mantras to live by.

For the past few months one statement has been "Be myself". Two short words that pack a whole lot of "stuff."

I'm going to share something super personal here. (It will be our little secret.) I've struggled to see the value of "me" many times over the years. You see, like so many others, I've measured myself against what other people are and thought I had to be "them" to be good enough.

I had to be as much fun as... I had to be as organized as... I had to be as hyper as... I had to be a thin as... I had to be energetic as... What an overwhelming list!!

Then, after failing to be all the other people I was trying to copy, I realized, my value came from being uniquely ME.

I'm a mix of creativity, fun, energy, organization and so much more. I'm not the same as anyone else. I won't be as loud or as quiet, as cool or as refined, as organized or as hyper. And you know what? I'm ok with that now. I'm ME. That's exactly why I am so valuable. And when I meet myself as me, I am able to use my strengths to grow.

So, why am I telling you all this? Because YOU MAY NED TO HEAR THIS MESSAGE NOW TOO!  I'm guessing, sometimes, there's a little voice that tells you that you need to change. A voice that says:  Don't be so loud, be like... Or it may tell you that you are too quiet and you should be like... That voice talks a lot.

We are heading towards Rosh Hashana, a time we look inwards and evaluate what we've done and what we want to do. It's easy to start comparing ourselves to others and thinking to "be better" we have to be like them. When you are thinking about growth this year- BE YOU.

You don't need to aspire to be anyone else. Meet yourself where you are at, and begin from there.

Do you want to get up earlier? Don't do it to be like someone else. Instead, acknowledge you are not a morning person, but this year you are getting up 15 minutes earlier to Daven.

Is being a more fun parent on your list? Do it as you!! Acknowledge you hate "wasting time", but that you want bond with your kids and start with a short outing for ice cream after school.

The bottom line- BE YOU! Own who you are. Value your unique strengths. Grow from where you are at.

Can I dare you to do something NOW? Take out a piece of paper. Write these words: I am unique & valuable just the way I am. Snap a picture of it & make it your home screen for a day! Can you do it???


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