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The Birthday Rules

November is birthday month in my house. EVERYONE in my family was born in November. For real! So as the month rolls around I get busy planning.  I've discovered there is only one correct way to celebrate a birthday and I want to make sure you know that. Here's the rule: EVERY PERSON ENJOYS CELEBRATING DIFFERENTLY. Each of my kids want something different. For my teenage sons, birthdays are kinda embarrassing. They don't want their friends to know and NO WAY should there be a party. But, dinner at a nice restaurant, now we are talking. Therefore, in honor of them being born, I'll get to eat really good steak. My daughter has let me know she wants to turn 10 instead of 9 and have a surprise party. I'm trying to work out how to make that all happen. My little guy, well, he changes the plans each day, for now he's counting how many booster seats he can dig up so he can decide how many friends can come on his birthday trip. Oh and me, I'll take a run on the beach to celebrate. You see, celebrations can be done in so many ways. There's no right or wrong, except if you forget WHO you are celebrating. The only sad birthdays are the ones that really don't resonate with the "birthday person". So, as you plan to celebrate someone you love, ask yourself, "What will make them light up? What will speak to their heart?" And then, get planning!

Here are some places to celebrate that special day!! 1. Glassworks- This I only do with 2-3 friends because it isn't cheap, but the kids can relax, talk & make something beautiful. 2. MetLife Stadium- Yup, we've done that. For a few years (before insane HS school schedules) I took my boys to a football game each year for their birthday. It was a really great way to connect. And our favorite memory... running across the highway to get to our car which I couldn't remember where I had parked. Moments... 3. At home! Some of the best birthday memories can happen in your kitchen. A pizza making party with friends is so much fun. To simplify, buy dough. While the pizzas are baking you can play pass the present or freeze dance depending on your crowd. 4. Monster golf- mini golfing is generally affordable and the glow factor ups the fun! 5. At your child's favorite extracurricular activity. If you are looking to do something special for a larger group, consider doing it at your child's favorite activity spot. Gymnastics, dance, skating, martial arts... Doing it in a place your child loves is a sure way to make them feel happy!

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