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Some Awesome Extra Curricular Activities For Every Kid

This month we are all busy talking about extracurricular activities for our kids. I think it's amazing for kids to get the opportunity to try different things so they can find something that makes them glow. Every kid has something that really lights them up. If they are lucky enough to find it magic can happen.

Here are some great activities that I know are available. Feel free to email me if you want more details about a specific place.

1. Gymnastics (fitness, strengthening & fun!) 2. Art lessons- there are so many options- painting, drawing, studio pottery classes...   3. Skating lessons- my kids favorite:) 4. Martial arts- it helps develop muscles, core and helps with focus and discipline 5. Dance class- there are frum ones and also studios that do Sunday classes 6. Ninja warrior/ climbing lessons 7. Music lessons- many will come to your home (which makes them all-stars in my book) There are so many options and opportunities for kids to shine! I hope this is a helpful start & that you find what works for your child!

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