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#Sarasquad Spreads Smiles- Day 4

Dearest Superstars,

It's a cloudy, coolish Sunday in Passaic. The kind of day that could make someone feel lazy and blah. But, NOT if they are a Superstar working on spreading smiles.

We don't have space for a day like that today.

We have stuff to accomplish!

So, today, we are bringing the joy back to ourselves. We are going to build some happiness on the inside that will shine out on the world!

Here's how we are going to do it:

1- Grab a paper & a pencil. (Actually, don't grab, just get one.)

2- Write 3 happy things that come to mind. It can be something happy that happened. Something happy you own. Something happy you think about.... anything that makes you smile.

3- Read what you wrote.

And, as you read it, allow yourself to feel the happiness again. Think about the moment. Imagine being in it again.

And take that smiley feeling along with you the rest of the day!

Love, Sara

PS.- In the comments below tell me what makes you smile more getting a present or doing something fun with your family. I want to know!!

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