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#Sarasquad Spreads Smiles- Day 2

Dear #Sarasquad Superstars,

Wow! So many of you spread smiles yesterday! Special shout out to Bracha K. who was so busy being a smile spreader & Kayla R. for the beautiful message.

We are back at the fun today. There are so many more people who need smiles & we MUST get some smiles to them. Today, let's all call someone we haven't spoken to in a while & say hello. Tell them you are thinking about them.

Maybe you'll call an aunt, or an old friend, or the neighbor you haven't seen in a while or your Zaidy.

Whoever you choose, be sure to leave them with a smile, by showing you missed them in your daily life.

Are you ready?

Who will you call?

Love, Sara

PS.- I'm going to call an old friend!

PPS. Don't forget to comment & like this post:)

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