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#Sarasquad Spreads More Smiles

Dearest #Sarasquad Superstar,

It's raining again in my neighborhood. If all the raindrops were lemon drops & gum drops... (do you know the song??) I would be at the dentist today! There are so many of them!

But cloudy weather gave me an idea! My house could spread smiles... straight out my windows. I want to make my neighborhood a bit happier!

There are 2 options for making windows happy (& please get permission from an adult before you do this!!)

  1. Use washable markers, dry erase markers or window markers to draw happy pictures on your window for the world to see.

  2. Decorate your windows for Chanukah already.

I'm going with #2 for now. I'm thinking star cut outs, some sparkle, dreidels... these windows are going to light up the day!!!

So, what are you going to do??? Are you coloring or decorating???

Tell me in the comments!!!

Love, Sara

PS- After you decorate message me a picture of the stunningness!

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