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#Sarasquad Speads Smiles- #1

Dearest #Sarasquad Superstars,

Yup, I'm writing you a letter! Can we be pen pals please???

You have been so amazing on our mission to spread simcha all around the world. For 7 months now, Superstars like you have done special Chassadim & done all sorts of things to make people smile.

And now, for Kislev, we are going to do even more!

For the next 10 days I am going to write to you here. Each day, I will give you a way to spread Simcha. And then, you just do it!

That's it. You take action, spread simcha, and write to me here so I know what you did.

How's that??

For today, i'm taking our action from Liba, one of our Superstars.

Last night, Liba messaged me a thank you & told me the dance party was the best part of her day.

Libaaaaaaa, hearing that was one of the happiest moments of my day! YOU made me smile.

So, today, let's be like Liba.

Action: Go thank someone for something specific they have done for you. That will make them HAPPY!!!

Love, Sara

PS. Tell me in the comments what you did.

PPS. Click the little heart on this post. That will also make me smile:)

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