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#Sarasquad Girls: Let's Play a Rainy Day Game

I try to post something for your parents every week. But... now I'm going to be posting something for you every week!

Let's play a fast game of mad libs here:)

Just for fun!

Grab a pencil & a paper to make a list of your words to fill in the blanks. Once you have them all, check the comments for the story.

Last, tell us in the comments what the funniest sentence you had was.

Word list:

  1. Noun

  2. Verb

  3. Animal

  4. Adjective

  5. Body part

  6. Outdoor item

  7. Person

  8. Object

  9. Feeling

  10. Animal

Are you ready to read the story???

Jump the my comment & make sure you like this post:)

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