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#Sarasquad Edition Nature Hunt

Hey #Sarasquad!!! This one is a goodie. Today, I am going to be heading outdoors with my family to get searching for some "stuff". It's the kind of search that makes me soooo happy! There's no right or wrong finds.

Unlike the time I lost my car keys & found garage keys instead... that was a fail, here, whatever you find is a score.

So do it on your own, or try it the way my family is doing it- in teams & competing for a winner.

Once you are done, post what you found for each item in the comments.

Then, go read some other #Sarasquad superstar finds & let them know what you love that they found!

I can't wait to read your list!

Outdoor hunt #Sarasquad Edition
Download PDF • 282KB

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