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My kids are addicted to the computer...

How many hours did you spend on your phone today? FB, Insta, Linked In, You Tube, Wats App chats... It doesn't end.

How many hours did your kids spend using technology today? Youtube videos? Netflix? Games? Tik Tok?

Technology is a time waster, a babysitter, an escape... and an addiction.

We each have our own ways of dealing with (or ignoring) the issue. Corona forced me to rethink my family's policies in a real way.

With hours of time, feeling deprived of real connections & grappling with high level boredom, my kids wanted to use screens even more. And I had to figure out what was ok & what was too much.

It isn't easy!

Can we get really real about this for a minute:

How do you limit screen time? Or do you just not?

How do you choose content for you your kids? Or do you install a filter & leave them to navigate?

How do you feel about your kids screen time now? Do you feel in control or is it a constant battle?

I set up some guidelines for my family. They aren't perfect but for now they work.

Here are mine:

  1. Before using a device my kids have to be active for 30 minutes.

  2. What they watch has to help their brain in some way.

  3. There is a limit of time for school days (45 minutes) & a different limit for weekends (an hour & a half).

I find that this is enforceable & I feel ok about it.

Some parents are probably smugly patting themselves on the back right now, because they never allow technology on school nights. Other parents are laughing at me, thinking, "watch things that help their brain???" Lady, chill!!

I know, my happy medium is so many people's extreme. Life's kinda funny that way.

That's why I love hearing your thoughts!

So, on my quest for better content I discovered some gems that I want to share:

  1. #Sarasquad (Yes, it's my program- but seriously- 35 minutes of interactive dance workout fun twice a week for $44/ month is a bargain& kids love it.) The reason I kept this program going post corona is because it gives the physical activity & super positive messaging to kids while they are having fun! Check it out at

  2. Torah Live- I discovered it recently & it my new happy place. It's kinda like Netflix for Jews. The films are so professional & it's so organized & user friendly. They've got something for EVERYONE. Little kids, big kids, adults... there is so much content & it's FREE to home users!

  3. is another place my kids love. Andrew creates adorable weekly parsha comics & gives zoom classes every week for kids. At just $5/ class it's an amazing value & both my 6 year old son & 9 year old daughter enjoy it.

  4. is our family's #1 favorite. It's actually a graphic design platform that's so simple kids can create on it. My kids create photo collages, binder covers, signs for their room & charts for fun. I love seeing them experiment & be creative and they are so proud of their work.

So, tonight, when I hop onto zoom for a #Sarasquad dance party, I'll be joined by lots of amazing, energetic kids using their screen time to get active. My daughter will get on a tutu & join the fun. My son will get to use his screen time to watch something he chooses.

And when that's all done & the kids go to bed, I'll have to choose what I watch!

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