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Memberships For Kids That Make Winter Fun

Cold weather is here and if you are like me you fear that kids will go stir crazy over the winter. I'm always looking for ways to stay busy and active (and stay motivated to be busy & active.) This year I've become a fan of purchasing memberships to indoor fun for kids because I find that once I buy it, we have to go. Here are a few really fun memberships you may love. Coco Key!! has annual passes that are so affordable and include 2 guest passes that I feel it's worth it even if you go 2-3 times all year. I'm such a fan! (Who's coming to a water park with me??) Liberty Science Center isn't cheap but I have found that we can go 3-4 times a year, making each day less than $50 for the family. and since I can feel like I'm educating my kids, that's more than worth it;) Urban Air is an absolute favorite of mine. It is a monthly fee, so it isn't cheap, but what I do is take my kids with dinner along and do HW there after school and then bounce. It's been a great investment so far! Do you have a favorite winter hangout? Tell me about so I can share the idea!

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