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Kid's Goals are BIG Goals

Ahhhhh, that's my deep breathing as I listen to the silence in my home. After 6 months of family time, today all of my children are in school! It's kind of strange to be sitting here, writing to you, without any interruptions.

The start of the school year and Rosh Hashana, make September the month that I always feel inspired to set goals. I love the process I've created for goal setting. I get up at 5 am, sip warm coffee, stare at the dark sky, start scribbling ideas in my journals, charting out months of dreams & steps to make them happen. It feels a bit like magic as I get them all down on paper. Kinda like the start of a trip. I get so excited to experience the ride.

Goals are a BIG DEAL.


Here's why: 1- Reaching goals helps you get places.

2- Reaching goals makes you feel really great & ready to accomplish more!

Goals are such a big part of my life, that I want to share the amazingness with you!

That's why I've created something special for my favorite people- my #Sarasquad

After many years of goal setting, I know what it takes to make your goals happen & I want to help you this year! This is goal setting for kids 101. (Adults, you can come along too!)

We are going to do these in a super easy way!

1- Choose some REALISTIC goals. These can be homework related, keeping a room neat, calling a grandparent, writing an email to a friend...

2- Create a chart that reflects how often you want to do it. Is it once a week? Every day?

3- Decorate your chart (that's super important!) & hang it up somewhere you'll see it every day.

4- Just do it!

Get started on living your goals. It's really that simple.

If you want a chart that's ready to go, you can check out the one I made for my #Sarasquad Superstars here & use it as your own!!

Let me know how you are crushing your goals!

#Sarasquad Superstar Squad Goal Chart
Download P • 332KB

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