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How to Get Overwhelmed in 60 Seconds

This may be the busiest week of the year.

No matter what you are doing to prepare for Pesach there is a sense of hustle.

You have got to get this done. And FAST!

Pesach ain't gonna wait for you to be ready.

Want to get overwhelmed? Here's a quick way to do that.

Pause for a moment to grab a drink. Sit down for a minute and breathe. And, start thinking of everything you haven't done.

Good. Feel the pressure level going up? Savor the overwhelm. In fact, you can hold onto it for the whole week.

STOP! That was terrible! Overwhelm does not get things done. Overwhelm will not fuel you. Overwhelm is not your friend.

I want to invite you to try something new. There is a strategy that has been around forever, but gets way less attention than constant busy activity and overwhelm. It is...

Living intentionally. Going about your life with a PLAN.

Here's how you can try it this week. 

1. Write down the MUST DOs and find a place to schedule those items. 2. Cross out 1 hour a day and make that sacred recharge time for YOU. (gym, coffee, manicure, talk to a friend...) 3. Only tackle the next thing on your schedule at any given time. NOTHING ELSE.

You will become calmer, more relaxed and more productive.

I often get asked how I get so much done. Here are my two secrets. 1. I don't get so much done, but I choose to focus on the things that matter. (So it seems like more) 2. I always take time to recharge. I will get a babysitter. Drag kids along. Work an hour less. Wake up before dawn... Whatever it takes, to be sure I take care of me.

Here's my wish for you: May your Yom Tov prep be intentional. I hope you are able to create a plan and respect the plan. And most of all, I hope you choose to make time for yourself, so you can be your best self!

Chag Kasher V'sameach!

Looking forward to focusing on camp after Yom Tov!!!

Don't forget! Make today HAPPY! Sara

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