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Hold On To That Inspiration

It's time to start the new year! I love beginnings! There's so much hope and excitement. Dreams of what will be. It's such a great time!

And then days pass. A week. Two weeks. Time just continues to roll on by. The excitement fades. It's all routine now. Another day. Another backpack to fill with snacks. Another dinner to make. More calls to return. And those dreams, those goals, those hopes... they are laying neglected somewhere between a shopping list for Shabbos and last weeks signed homework sheet.

It's not that we don't want those BIG THINGS we dreamed of. We just get lost in the everyday things. So lost! And then little reminders float through our awareness. A magazine picture that reawakens that urge to organize your closet... an advertisement that reminds your of your commitment to take a family trip. And for that brief moment you are fired up again. Ready to act.

This year can be different. Here's how. Nike hit on gold with the slogan "Just do it." It ignited the fuel in consumers who really wanted to, just do it.

It also spoke to a truth we all really know. If somethings going to happen, NOW is the only time. There's no tomorrow, next week, next month. You must take a concrete action this minute. You've got to just do it! Did you say you will organize? Book an appointment NOW with an organizer or go the DIY route and start tidying up a shelf NOW. Did you commit to a family trip? Buy tickets NOW! Whatever your dreams are for the new year, make them a reality by taking a step towards it NOW.

Last year, I committed to a family trip. (Yup, that's why I used that example.) I'd been dancing with that commitment for a few years now, but you know how it goes. There was never a great time. I'd look for tickets too late... It didn't happen. But, last year was different. I acted right away. As I decided it was a dream, I went and booked flights. Months in advance, I had tickets to California for my whole crew. Once that was done, we were in!! And so, in August, I (finally) lived that dream.

Are you feeling that new year goodness now? JUST DO IT! Take a step TODAY! Fill in this blank: This year I committed to __________ so today I am _________________. Your future self will love you for it!!


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