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FREE Wall Printables!

Welcome to the short, cool days of fall. The goodness of the colorful leaves make me smile as I run through the rain. Color... it's so powerful! The colors we wear, the colors in our homes, the colors of the props on our desks... tables... EVERYWHERE. Recognizing this got me thinking about how winter gets so many people feeling really down. You know how much I believe in choosing happy, so I want us all to beat the winter blues. There are so many things in life we can't control, like the weather, so we had better harness the power of the things we can change!

Here are 3 powerful things you can do to cheer up this fall & winter season: 

#1-GET COLORFUL Adding some color to your life will make you feel brighter. I try to surround myself with color always. This week I have been working on something special for you.... I KNOW....*happy dance* get excited because they are SO FUN! I am giving away FREE PRINTABLES!!! They are BRIGHT. They are COLORFUL and are bound to make you smile when you see them. 

If you are like me and love to be EXTRA!!! these are for you.

And for my classy friends,  I've got these here.

Getting these printed is so simple. I uploaded it to Staples and got gorgeous looking prints an hour later in the store. So easy!  For framing I used inexpensive paper frames from Amazon that you can see here.

And, stay tuned for my social media give away. I'm sending a framed set to one lucky follower really soon!

#2- Get dressed up! I don't mean tu-tu dressed up, though tu-tus will make you smile, I'm talking wardrobe 101 here. Put on clothing that makes you feel good. No raggedy hoodies and overstretched black skirts. Spend a few minutes pulling out a few solid pieces from your closet to put together 5 outfits so you'll have easy choices. Oh, and if you are like the 90% of women who have a closet full of NOTHING TO WEAR, head to Target for some designer shopping. Or check out this tie dye sweatshirt on Amazon that makes me smile every time.

#3- I've said it before and I'll say it again (and a gain and again) if you want to be happy, you've got to move!! Get your body in on the action friends. Dance to a song. (I made you a playlist below.) Do some jumping jacks. Run down the block. JUST MOVE! It will get all those feel good endorphins flowing through your body.

And when all else fails, just close your eyes and visualize summer!

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