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DIY Play Menorah

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Snow falling, early sunsets and blustery winds have me feeling that Chanukah energy. Chanukah is one of my favorite times of year. I love the coziness, the family time, the partying and the moments it creates. I also know, that Chanukah, like every time of year is only as magical as I set it up to be. And so, I take care to plan in advance & prepare the things that make it feel special.

And this year my friends, I've started Chanukah prep for you too.

I want your Chanukah to be filled with joy and love and warmth. I want you to bask in that feeling of connection.

Even if life's not perfect.

Cuz, guess what? Life isn't perfect. The kids will fight. You may not have extended family. Your home may be messy. You may be a single parent. You may not be able to afford Chanukah gifts. All these imperfections are real. But, you can still have a beautiful Chanukah... As long as you decide to have a beautiful Chanukah. So, prepare things that make you smile. Plan things that will delight your family. And celebrate Chanukah with a heart filled with joy!

Want to have some amazing pre Chanukah fun with your younger children?

Check out this super cool DIY menorah craft! This is one of my favorite Chanukah crafts. Click on the link below to learn how to make it. I've also added a supply list to keep it SUPER simple. Happy crafting!!

Want to get the supplies to your door?

I've linked the list for you!! (You're welcome! lol) 

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