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Has your amazing daughter ever felt she wasn't pretty enough, popular enough or smart enough?
Has she ever come home from school in a terrible mood, sure that all her classmates didn't like her?
Has she stormed off to her room overwhelmed by homework & unable to cope?

Yea? At #Sarasquad we know all about it!
After close to 18 years of working with girls of all ages, we've listened to them share their deepest fears & dreams. And we know, they all want to see their best selves shine... but how???

Welcome to the #Sarasquad experience! We've built a community of girls who are constantly developing their tool boxes of "superpower" life skills such as confidence, the ability to overcome worry, to be perfectly happy being imperfect, and most of all, to be able to look in the mirror & say " I love myself!" 
This mission is what drives everything we do. 
The healthy fun of #Sarasquad zoom dance parties. 
The happiness & acceptance girls feel at #Sarasquad Bat Mitzvahs & #Sarasquad live events. 
And, the #Sarasquad peak, our VIP Experience.
It's all about developing these beliefs. 

The #Sarasquad VIP experience was created to tackle the challenges girls face today head on! It is an immersion in activities, journaling, discussion & a community built around the values we all want our daughters to grow up with. Girls have a chance to immerse in the classes each week along with fun challenges that help them internalize the skills. 
The #Sarasquad VIP experience is 6 weeks long!

For 6 weeks girls explore self worth, choosing moods, confidence, resilience, overcoming worry & so many other great skills. 

How much would you spend to give your daughter these skills? And, what will it cost her not to have it? What opportunities & growth will she miss out on?

At #Sarasquad we believe every girl should have a chance to develop these tools! That's why we have priced this program so affordably!
The cost for this life transforming program & all the goodies is just $179!

Your enrollment includes:
* 6 interactive, small group zoom weekly classes (45 minutes each) 
*A stunning VIP journal PDF that you can print & use over & over
*6 printed challenge cards 
*A #Sarasquad VIP merch kit filled with everything your daughter needs for the challenges

You want your daughter to believe in herself.
You want her to be able to handle disappointments. 
You want her to be able to verbalize her fears & work through them.
Here's the chance to gift this all to her!

Class space is limited to just 16 girls so that every girl gets a chance to be heard! 

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